Four Step to Apply

STEP 1: Fill in online form

Fill in the secure online form. It takes only a couple minutes.

STEP 2: Confirm

Confirm the information for processing your visa.

STEP 3: Pay the service fee

Pay the service fee. We accept Credit Card, Paypal, Wire transfer and Western Union.

STEP 4: Get your Visa

Get the "Visa approval letter" and pick up your visa at airports.


Vietnam Visa Fee (for visa on arrival)

Visitors who travel to Vietnam with visa on arrival should pay 2 types of visa fee: Service fee (paid before traveling), and Stamping fee (paid at the airport on arrival). Details as follows:

Visa Service fee is the fee paid online to us by you before traveling with a view to getting your Visa Approval Letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department. The prerequisite is that our company guarantees for you at the Immigration Dept., and accordingly, your visa is automatically sent from the Dept. to your arrival airport’s Immigration controlling network.

Visa Stamping fee is the fee that must be paid directly by you to the Immigration at your arrival airport. This fee is charged in order for the Immigration to get your visa itself printed out, glued (or stamped) onto your passport and sealed, after double checking your visa approval letter. The visa is stamped onto your passport only if all the information in your approval letter is exactly as in your passport.