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STEP 1: Fill in online form

Fill in the secure online form. It takes only a couple minutes.

STEP 2: Confirm

Confirm the information for processing your visa.

STEP 3: Pay the service fee

Pay the service fee. We accept Credit Card, Paypal, Wire transfer and Western Union.

STEP 4: Get your Visa

Get the "Visa approval letter" and pick up your visa at airports.

Vietnam Visa News


Vietnam Visa On Arrival | Visa Upon Arrival

Visa on arrival or pre-arranged visa has been online for almost 6 years, and it increasingly becomes the most convenient way to get a visa to Vietnam as everything has been made simple from the procedure to payment methods.


New visa regulation between Vietnam and Cambodia


As from Jan. 1, 2010, citizens of Vietnam and Cambodia holding ordinary passports valid for at least six months will need no visa to enter or transit the other country, according to the Foreign Ministry’s Consular Department.



5 changes in visa application and Immigration procedure for Vietnam in 2009


Thanks to the open travel policy, getting a visa to Vietnam is now much easier than ever before. Below is our compilation for changes in visa procedures for Vietnam in 2009.



Vietnam visa in Spain | Vietnam Visa On Arrival

From Spain, visitors have a few options to apply for a visa to Vietnam, either at Vietnamese embassy or visa on arrival.

Visa on arrival - Visa at Embassy of Vietnam in Madrid, Spain



Vietnam visa from UK (United Kingdom) | Vietnam Visa Pro

From the UK, travelers may have a few options to apply for a visa to Vietnam, here below is detailed guide:

Visa on arrival - Visa at embassy comparison chart


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